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Welcome To The Nite Owl & Back Room Gluten & Allergen Free Menu!

We care about you and the food you eat!

Nite Owl Gluten Free Breakfast

3 Egg Omelettes

All Breakfasts can be served with hashbrowns and fruit.

- Cheese

- Ham

- Ham & Cheese

- Vegetable

- Denver & Cheese

- Spanish

- Ham, Cheese & Mushroom

- Cheese & Tomato

- Chili & Cheese


Eggs & More

- Two Eggs

- Bacon & Eggs

- Turkey Links & Eggs

- Sausage (Patty or Links) & Eggs

- 6oz Sirloin Steak & Eggs



- Hambits & Eggs

- Denver & Eggs

- Veggi Mix & Eggs


Gluten Free Lunch

All Burgers and Sandwiches served with no bun (Gluten Free Buns available), try some Romaine leaves in place of the bun. Burgers and Sandwiches served with one of the following: Hashbowns, Cottage Cheese, Coleslaw (MFS), Fresh or Cooked Vegetable, Fruit or Small Dinner Salad or Cup of Chili.


Dressings: French, Thousand, Honey Mustard, Ranch (MFS), Salsa



- Plain

- Cheese

- Mushroom & Swiss

- Bacon & Cheese

- Southwestern

- Canadian Bacon & Swiss


Chicken Breast Sandwiches

- Plain Chicken Breast

- Bacon & Pepper Jack

- Salsa, Cheddar & Jalapenos

- Mushroom & Swiss

- Ham & Swiss


Other Lunch Options

- Chilli (3 Sizes)

- Chef Salad (No Toast)

- Light Chef Salad (No Toast)



Back Room Gluten Free Choices (4-9pm)

All dinners served with any 3 of the following: Cottage Cheese, Baked Beans (MFS), Fruit, Baby Red Potato, Cole Slaw (MFS), Small Salad (No Croutons), Fresh Fruit or Vegetables.


Rotisserie Chicken (White & Dark)

Charbroiled Chicken Breast (1 or 2)

Beef Medallions (Small or Large)

Country & Spare Ribs (1 or 1 1/2 pounds)

Baby Back Ribs (Small or Large)

Chicken & Ribs Combo (1/4 or 1/2's)

Back Room Ribeye Steak (12oz)



Dressings: Honey Mustard, French, Thousand, Ranch (MFS), Salsa


Steak (No Croutons)

Chicken Caesar Salad (No Croutons or Dressing)

Shrimp Caesar Salad (No Croutons or Dressing)

Gluten Free Dinner

Served with any of the two following: Mashed Potato, Baby Red Potato, Hash Browns, Cottage Cheese, Cole slaw (MFS), Vegetables, Freswh Fruit, Small Salad or Cup of Chili



- Rotisserie (White & Dark)

- Grilled Breast (1 or 2)


Beef & Pork

- Ham Steak

- Liver & Onions

- 2 Grilled Pork Chops

-6oz Sirloin Steak

- 8oz Rancher Steak

- 12oz Ribeye Steak



- Grilled with a touch of garlic herb butter


Addiitional Gluten Free Options

We now have small Gluten Free Pizza Crusts!

Yeah!! Gluten Free Red Bridge Beer & Gluten Free Margaritas!!


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