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Backroom Menu

We serve only the freshest foods. Our ribs are all pork ribs and smoked on site. Our steaks are cut locally, we hand patty all our burgers and used the leanest meat, which makes them among the best around! We pride ourselves in having a healthy menu, all our vegetables are fresh and we have a great variety of fresh fruit.

4:00 pm to 9:00 pm everyday of the week!

CALL US FOR TAKE OUT! 406-892-3131

The Back Room “trimmings” include: Baby red potatoes, cole slaw, baked beans & fry bread! (Now that’s a meal in its self!)


Rotisserie Chicken

Slow Roasted To Perfection. Lightly spiced and

served with the Back Room trimmings. Your choice

of half or quarter chicken, all white or all dark.


Broasted Chicken

The Back Room’s broasted chicken is marinated and breaded in special spices and cooked in the finest vegetable oil and served with the Back Room trimmings. We fry with the finest zero trans fat oil!

This dish is available as half chicken or quarter, all white, all dark or choose assorted.


Char Broiled Chicken Breast

Char Broiled boneless chicken breast with the Back Room trimmings. Your choice of one or two breasts – or even more if you like!!



Your choice of 7 or 5 deep fried large shrimp with The Back Room trimmings


Ale Battered Cod

3 pieces of deep fried Cod served with the trimmings



If beef is what you’ve got an appetite for, then you’ve come to the right place. The Back Room serves up the finest cuts of beef cooked to mouth-watering perfection. All beef dishes are served with baked beans, cole slaw, baby red potatoes and fry bread.


BBQ Beef Brisket Dinner

“Texas Style” Beef brisket marinated in “El Paso” sauce, smoked and slooow roasted until fork tender. Your choice of 3 or 5 pieces.


Back Room Ribeye Steak

A special cut 12 oz. Ribeye steak lightly rubbed with our Back Room seasoning then charbroiled to perfection.


BBQ Beef Tenders

Slow smoked beef chuck tenders served over a sweet BBQ sauce with all the trimmings.


Back Room Burger

A full 1/2 pound of juicy great tasting burger served on a fry bread bun. Like no other burger you’ve ever eaten! With or without cheese.



Italian Salad

Romaine lettuce with pepperoni, olives and chopped green peppers mixed in an Italian dressing and topped with red onions, pizza cheese and croûtons. Served with fry bread.


Chicken Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce with a grilled chicken breast, grated Parmesan cheese, croutons and tossed with Caesar dressing. Served with fry bread


Steak Salad

Thin sliced sirloin steak, with Romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese, onion, tomato and croûtons with choice of dressing. Served with fry bread.


Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce with grilled shrimp, grated Parmesan cheese, croûtons and tossed with caesar dressing. Served with fry bread.


Dinner Salad

A generous portion of lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, homemade garlic herb croûtons and shredded cheddar cheese. Served with or without fry bread – your choice.



For the smaller appetites of seniors and for those with a lighter appetite at any age. You may choose a meal item and two sides. Fry bread is always included.

BBQ Ribs

Three kinds of ribs to satisfy your tastebuds.

- Two Spare Ribs

- Four Back Ribs

- !/3 lbs. Country Ribs



Choice from Broasted or Rotisserie.

- !/4 White

- !/4 Dark



We offer you the choice of two delicious seafood items.

- Two pieces off Deep Fried Cod

- Three large Deep Fried Shrimp




Rotisserie Chicken

BBQ Pork Ribs

All of our ribs are fresh and smoked on site. All meals are served in 1 pound or 1 1/2 pound portions. Every meal is served with Back Room trimmings.

Spare Ribs

The Spare Ribs have bones and are smoked with

our special dry Bar-B Que spice. The Bar-B-Que

sauce is served on the side.


Country Ribs

The Country Ribs are semi-boneless

pieces of pork roast. They are smoked with

our special spice and baked in Bar-B-Que

sauce until fork tender.


Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs are considered the Cadillac of ribs.

Lean, meaty and tender, cut from the pork chop and

smoked in our special sauce and cooked to perfection.


BBQ Rib Combo Dinner

1/2 pound of spareribs and 1/2 pound of country ribs. Served with The Back Room Trimmings.


Chicken & Rib Combos

Choose a 1/4 chicken and your choice of rib.


Rib Sampler

Can’t decide?….. Have all three! Spare Ribs, Country Ribs and Baby Back Ribs.


Perfer Something Lighter?

Have the Deluxe Salad and Fry Bread instead of The Back Room trimmings.



Our Pizzas come in Large 15", Medium 14" and Small 10"

All our take out pizzas are served on the Perfect Crust Pizza Liner, which enures your pizza is as fresh at home as it was out of the oven.


Combination Pizza

Pepperoni, Sausage, Hamburger, Mushrooms, Onions, Black Olive


The Open Door Pizza

Pepperoni, Sausage, and Mushrooms


Hawaiian Pizza


Canadian Bacon & Pineapple


Vegetarian Pizza

Onions, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Black Olives


BBQ Pizza

Choose chicken or pork or beef with onion, cheese, and bar-b-que sauce, or make your own combination!


Create Your Own Pizza

Start with plain cheese, add one or two or three or four or…… as many as you want from the following add-ons:

Pepperoni, Hamburger, Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Black Olives, Pineapple, Tomatoes, Jalapeño Peppers


Side Orders


- Cole Slaw

- Baked Beans

- Red Potatoes

- Fry Bread

- Cole Slaw by the pint

- Potato Salad by the pint

- BBQ Sauce by the pint

- Charbroiled Chicken Breast (1 or 2 pieces)

- Shrimp (5 or 7 pieces)

- Chicken is available whole or quartered

- Spare and Country Ribs are available by the pound

- Baby Back Ribs are available by the piece


Call us for any take out order and it will be ready when you arrive.

Great for home dinners & parties!

Call Today!






Spare Ribs
Chicken & Rib Combo
Baby Back Ribs
Country Ribs
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